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4 Days and 9 Lives in London

Sidra Smith and Paul Wharton in London for the opening of The Red Rooster Shoreditch

One of the most brilliant chef’s in NYC just happens to be a good friend. Marcus Samuelson, the man behind the wildly successful Red Rooster restaurant in Harlem recently held a rip roaring opening party at his new London Red Rooster at the Curtain Hotel. I arrived on Thursday morning and it was as we say, on a popping! THursday night was a truly amazing opening party featuring De La Soul as the live entertainment. If you’re ever in London, check out The Red Rooster for the most innovative and delicious soul food around!

Paul Wharton with Bevy Smith, Sidra Smith, Cheryl Calegari and Derek Fleming in London at the opening of The Red Rooster Shoreditch (in front of Bevy’s Bar)

On Friday night, we were the guests of our friend, the very talented singer Kimberly Nicole at The Box in London. Kimberly was a finalist on The Voice and is currently the host of the world renowned club. Please google it if you have never heard and make sure there are no children present in the room! LOL! I’ve been to The Box in NYC and let’s just say London stepped up the shock factor a few pegs with performances that had me hiding behind my friend Bevy Smith, the fabulous media maven who I used to take cover when things got a little too real! It was a fabulous time that didn’t end until well after the sun came up.

Sidra Smith and Paul Wharton London 2017

The rest of our trip was spent dining and catching up with friends that happened to be in town when we were there. I love London and my the opportunity to have such wonderful friends from around the world to share these experiences with… Even if they do involve watching an artist paint a portrait with his… Well, google it, you’ll see!


Paul xx