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4 Must-Have Bathin’ Snacks

Cute influencers are snacking while bathing, and while this may not be an options for all of us, it’s more common than you think.

  1. Frozen Fruit
    You’re hot; it’s cold. That’s it.
  2. A jar of Nutella
    “I mean… if you’re going to eat it straight out of the jar, I’d rather have you do it in a tub.” – Love, Sis
  3. An ice-cream cone
    Ice cream: *drips*
    You: *licks elbow, dips elbow, repeat*
  4. A mug of Lucky Charms (or your fav cereal)
    Use a spoon or just slurp and chomp. If you spill, it doesn’t matter. (Are marshmallows the new bath bombs?)

Behold, a glass of wine is also considered a well balanced snack.

Please consider these perfect considerations and let us know how your bathing experience has changed for the better. Xo