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5 Tips on Overcoming Dental Phobia by Dr. Michelle Luis

Miami based Dentist, Dr. Michelle Luis connects with her patients through clear communication, a high degree of diligence, and professionalism. She’s also a really cool Dentist and one of Paul Wharton’s favorite experts on The Paul Wharton Show. Paul recently asked Dr. Luis to share her top tips on overcoming the debilitating medical anxiety known as “Dental Phobia”. This fear keeps many people from visiting their dentist which could lead to a host of major medical issues. So friends, it’s time to take care of your mental health, start the healing and reconsider how you feel about visiting the dentist. We hope these tips are a phenomenal first step to breaking through the fear and discovering your best health and smile ever!

  1. Find the right Dentist! Each of the 67 accredited dental schools in the US have about 6, 000 new Dentist graduates a year. You DO NOT have to go to the same Dentist you and your family have always gone to just because that is what you have always done. Find a dentist that takes the time to connect with you, hears your concerns, and explains your treatment options in ways you can understand (not dental language). If you seem anxious, or even mention your concerned, and they do not pick up on those signals then they are not the right fit! Trusting and feeling safe with your provider is the first step to being able to over come dental phobias, and actually start needed treatments. 
  2. Time of day is key! If your a morning person book your appointments in the morning, if you are a afternoon/ evening person book in the later afternoon. Your body will naturally  feel less anxiety being seen in a time of day compatible with your natural circadian rhythm. 
  3. Set aside more time. Yes we are all busy, but that extra appointment you allow to initially desensitize yourself to the dental chair, the less anxiety your will have when treatment actually commences. 
  4. Medicinal additives: If you desire a natural option use, or request for your Dentist to provide some lavender essential oils. Place a little on the inner part of your wrists, and take deeps breaths in and out. This will send relaxing signals to your brain, and help bring down your anxiety. For those patients comfortable with taking pills, your provider can prescribe you an anti-anxiety pill to be taken an hour before your appointments. 
  5. Get the Facts! I can not tell you how many of my patients with dental phobia come in thinking they are about to loose every tooth in their mouths! Usually my dental phobic patients have waited quite some time in between visits due to their fears. Any sensitivity, or pain they are having is blown up in their minds to needing a full mouth makeover! Most of the time when we get to a safe place, and I present the treatment I see they need, there is a huge sense of relief. If you need more involved treatments, that is what we specialize in! We fix mouths! Be encouraged that we go to school for many years, and Dental medicine advancements have come so far. We can repair and restore your mouth to optimum health with a little trust, time, and “love” of your mouth. 

PWS would like to thank Dr. Luis for her thoughtful and caring advice. If you’re in the Miami area and you’d like to request a consultation with Dr. Michelle Luis, click HERE!

We’re wishing you the best of health and a beautiful smile to lead the way as you journey through your day!


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