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At Home? Here’s What to Do:

Literally everywhere you look, it’s about COVID-19. Turn off your television, hop off the couch and check out some of these things to keep you occupied at home:

  • Clean out your closet. Make piles of old clothes, shoes, coats, scarves, that you’d like to donate
    You can even throw these things in the wash before you pack them up.
    TIP: If you have an older suitcase, pack the items in those instead of trash bags.
  • Review your bank statements and limit your monthly subscriptions. Ask yourself this, “Do I really need Facetune (photo editor), or Spotify Premium? If you answer ‘yes,’ no worries. Keep in mind – the most successful people have a minimal/simplistic lifestyle.
  • Create a happy list. Write down all things that make you smile. The little things make the most difference.
  • Leave positive reviews for places you’ve visited/purchased from, especially local business. If theres no review section, call and share your experience. They’d love to hear from you!
  • Call your long-distance friends. Texting is played out when you haven’t heard their voice in some time.
  • Unfollow accounts that tend to show more negative than positive content.
  • Clean out your phone’s photo album. I’m sure you have duplicates, unneeded, or unwanted screenshots in there.
  • Listen to personal growth podcasts. I’ll list some of my favorites below!
  • Create a to-read book list. Need some suggestions? Let us know on IG @paulwhartonstyle
  • Take an online course in something you’ve always been curious about. That includes online certifications, or YouTube Academy (shh…)
  • Organize under your bathroom counter
  • Delete contacts from your phone that you haven’t used in the last 6 months

We hope some of these work for you. Use these points as inspiration to start your own hustle, blog, etc.

Anasia’s TOP 5 Podcasts to-Date: (on Apple Podcasts – FREE)

  1. The Paul Wharton Show
  2. Therapy for Black Girls
  3. Black Girl in Om
  4. The Friend Zone
  5. Gettin’ Grown

Enjoy! XO