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The Capri Lifestyle, My Chic Italian Adventure

Walking down from La Piazzetta in Capri, Italy July 2017 Paul Wharton

As many of you know, I just returned from a magnificent summer trip to Italy. In decided where I’d visit over the few weeks in the country, I was interested in checking out Capri based on what I’ve heard from friends for many years. They described it as an island with a fancy village feel, a place where you make new friends and run into them often (so choose carefully :-). I can say that I agree with all of that and so much more. My friends and I took the train from Rome to Napoli and then from Napoli we jumped on the ferry Capri and took to the tram up the hill. Before long we had landed in this quaint little paradise.

Our view from the hotel on the first day in Capri, Italy. July 2017

Our first stop, The Grand Hotel Quisisana, the nucleus of the social and culinary scene in Capri did not disappoint. Each day would start with breakfast and a little walk to La Piazzetta meaning “Little Square” which is the famous square of the island of Capri. The square is located in the historic center of Capri on the eastern end of the island. There you can get a delicious Cappucino in the early morning or an Aperol Spritz, a favorite Italian cocktail in the afternoon.

On the pool deck at Hotel Quisisana on The Isle of Capri, Italy. July 2017 Paul Wharton

Capri has twelve churches, seven museums and several monuments but the real attraction is the shopping! At the centerpiece of all of that shopping is jewelry. I mean everywhere you look, you see diamonds, sapphires, rubies, divine sparkle from every direction. Upon my return, I called Jonathan Mervis of Mervis Diamond about my Capri jewelry experience and he showed me some pieces back at his K Street DC store that have the best of both worlds, Capri sparkle but at an attainable price. I’m inspired to work on my diamond collection with the help of my friends at Mervis and next year when I return to Capri, they better watch out!

As soon as I returned to DC, I visited Mervis Diamond and got my Capri look together! Paul Wharton photo by Jof Panlaqui
A beautiful dinner at Ristorante Villa Verde with my friends and I. Capri, Italy July 2017

Each night we hit a fabulous dinner and then late evening cocktails or a club. My favorite restaurants were La Camerelle and Ristorante Villa Verde.

  1. My favorite meal at Camarelle in Capri, Italy July 2017 Paul Wharton

    The night club scene was spectactular with the centerpiece being Clubs Number One & Two, each connected underground. Although the party scene was cool, we had the most fun at the pool each day drinking our Champagne and being served by our main man Bruno at Hotel Flora.

My friends and I arriving in Capri, Italy July 2017 Sidra Smith

If you ever have the chance to visit Capri, definitely go! Pack light and chic, it isn’t about overdoing it with with your wardrobe but rather, being cool and comfortable… Having said that, diamonds seem to be the new black in Capri, and thanks to my people at Mervis, I’ll be prepared the next time I return to the island.


Paul xx


  1. Simply elegant… a beautiful adventure capturing food, fashion and friendship!!!

  2. Amazing! Love this post. What a beautiful vacation/adventure!

  3. It was a blast! I’ll be back there this summer!

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