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It’s like 20,000 sit-ups in 30 minutes…

On Episode 13 of the Paulitics Podcast, Paul and Stacey talk body image with Dr. George Bitar of the Bitar Cosmetic Institute.

Paul: Speaking of the saggy tummy and the alternatives to the tummy tuck. EmSculpt is something that people are talking about. I was really apprehensive at first, from just the sound of it, but I’ve actually tried it myself. It’s been two sessions with EmSculpt and Dr. Bitar.  I had a really great result and experience just from the two sessions and I know I have to do more, but tell us about this new thing we’ve been hearing about.

Dr. Bitar: EmSculpt is our latest best secret. EmSculpt stands for Electro Magnetic Sculpting. It’s a new and unique form of increasing the muscles mass and strength by electromagnetic weight. Do you remember from late night television when there were “the ten units” people would do? This is like the ten units on steroids. It’s a lot more effective, that it has been studied by seven cases that came from very respected surgeons and dermatologists all throughout the United States. I first heard about this electro magnetic machine back in April 2018, so it has not been around that long. It was approved in June and our institute jumped right on it. We are the first plastic surgery practice in the Washington DC area to put it to use. Paul knows we like to be on the cutting edge of new technology, provided it works, it’s safe and it has been approved by the FDA.

What this machine does is improve the muscle tone in the abdomen as well as the buttocks, and decreases the amount of fat, if you want it to. There are molds on the butt that can decrease the muscle mass and leave the fat alone and also a mold that will increase the muscle mass while burning the fat.

“Pretend that in 20 minutes you can do approximately 200 sit-ups if you’re physically fit. This will give you about 20,000 sit-ups in 30 minutes.”

Paul: The equivalent of 20,000 sit-ups in 30 minutes, I thought to myself that’s gonna hurt.

Dr. Bitar: If you get the procedure done over a 4-week period, once a week, 20-minute sessions, it will give you approximately an 11-14 percent increase in mass of your muscles. It increases the mass of the muscles and the strength of the muscles and it will decrease the fat by 16 percent. All of this work, PAIN-FREE
That’s the easiest and effective way I explain it to my patients.

Stacey: Can you use EmSculpt to get a bigger butt?

Dr. Bitar: EmSculpt will not make the butt bigger, it will make the butt tighter and more lifted. We can combine that with fat crafting, or a Brazilian butt lift, as it is known commonly. It is a wonderful procedure we do a lot of. We take the fat from areas that you don’t want.  For example, if you want to remove the fat from the tummy and the love handles, we can and then inject them in the butt in a very safe way. That has to be done by a board certified surgeon who is very well versed in fat crafting because recently there have been some complications with it performed by doctors in Miami who were injecting the fat too far into the muscles. At our institute, we do it superficially into the fat layers for very safe operation.


Are you interested in 20,000 sit-ups in 30 minutes, or EmSculpt? Contact the Bitar Cosmetic Institute and tell them Paul Wharton Style sent you!