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Effortless Table Decor for Any Occasion

Is winter over yet? Unfortunately, I realize the answer is no. So with everything in life, we must make lemonade.. even if the lemons are bitter, cold, and frozen. As the temperatures drop, this is a perfect time to make stew and savory dishes that are meant for sharing. Instead of gathering around the TV, let’s set the table to fix up and celebrate the perfect backdrops to our not so wintery white winter (so far that is).

First, you should start with an ideal foundation – the tablecloth. Thick linen gives a sense of warmth and comfort, meanwhile, the texture allows spills to look minimal. For example, a pure linen tablecloth made of heavy fabric is great for everyday use and is considered low-maintenance. Royaltablecloths.com have 100% pure, heavy linens in many shades for you to choose from.

If a tablecloth isn’t in your forte, a runner or placemats that dress majority of your table works just as well. They can be found in the same section as your tablecloth, and there are many to fit any occasion you are looking to celebrate.

As we charge ahead into another month, flecks of gold remind us of those times when the sun peeks out from behind a cloud and adds a bit of sparkle in the midst of a blustery morning. The freshly fallen snow helps to brighten our days, but a charger brings even more light to a table. If you do choose this decorative base, remember a finishing touch of gold can be used for both a casual and formal occasion.

Anthropologie.com, one of my personal furnishing favorites, gives us a variety of colors, materials, diameters, and shapes to choose from, to match the decor and mood of the night. This gold Rosalie charger will not only elevate your dinnerware collection, but it also gives a subtle touch of sparkle, and the engraved floral pattern reminds us of what is to come in the spring.

Whether you choose a charger or not, the next piece holds most of the value. Your plating is everything. In my opinion,  you could never go wrong with a stoneware setting. It gives off a rustic vibe that caters to your casual winter dining. If you are worried that your china is not kid-safe, no fear over here. Stoneware is fired at very high temperatures to produce a material that is durable and quite chip-resistant.

Crate & Barrel, another highly recommended furnishing store, has a number of stoneware sets with beautiful, crackled surfaces that would remind you of the frosted pond you used to visit when ice skating as a child.

A cloth napkin can make or break a tablescape. The napkin you choose can also be the most revealing part of your personality. Despite the color of cloth you pick for your table, the napkins aren’t just for special occasions. If you are used to a neutral colored decor, a napkin with a punch of color will not only create a dramatic effect, it will remind people to use them (in their lap first, before eating).

Even if you aren’t experienced with setting a table, your guests would be sure to appreciate the napkins, even more, when you pair them with a ring or a fancy fold. Crate & Barrel wins for cloth napkins too! They cater to solid and texture designs. It may be helpful to purchase 100% cotton napkins to avoid any allergic reactions at the dinner table.

“Luxury lives in the finer details. It’s a cloth napkin at a dinner table.”
Iggy Azalea

Without these, a table set would not be complete – silverware, flatware, whichever you prefer, the forks, knives, and spoons. They come in sets at most retail stores, and you have the option of choosing between silver and gold. Having your cutlery custom made to the color of your choice is also an option.

William Sonoma offers the perfect set of Fortessa Arezzo Brushed Gold Flatware which adds a touch of color to our winter dining. The utensils can lay on top of your cloth napkin, or you can include them in your ring and fold. Either way, they’ll make your cuisine a whole lot tastier.

TIP: Cutlery should be placed on the table in the order it is used, from the outside in.
Be sure to include salad utensils if you plan on serving a salad.

Now you are probably wondering what you would put your fine wine or sparkling water in. You cannot go wrong with a set of these sleek Schott Zwiesel Modo Glasswareor any other glass. I’m just making sure you don’t forget this part. Not only will your guests be thirsty without them, but you’re probably helping them fill in the blanks at their table as well. Stem or no stem, all glasses can be found with designs, in other colors, or filled to the brim with your favorite spirit. Drink responsibly.



Lastly, what pulls the whole look together (sounds like fashion, doesn’t it?) – your centerpiece. This can include floating candles, some fresh-picked flowers, faux fruit or even a real cake. Whatever you decide, make sure it matches the mood you are trying to set.

One centerpiece that caught my eye was the bouquet of the beautiful anemone, dusty, hydrangea flower mix by Elizabeth Anne Designs. These flowers are planted in the fall, and they are ready to bloom in the late winter or early spring. They are fine-textured, daisy-like flowers. This mix is the ideal companion for your dinner table, just like mine.

The contrast of colors will be a reminder to your party of the warm weather that is near. Table setting can be fun when you are accompanied by family and friends. Plan your next dinner for the weekend to come, and let us know how your tablescape turned out!