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EPISODE 3 | The Paulitics of Fighting in High Fashion

On this episode of Paulitics Paul and Stacey talk about the Nicki Minaj and Cardi B. brawl that resulted in ripped couture and a bumped and bruised head. Stacey becomes speechless when Paul shares a crazy but true story about a bar brawl he got into over refusing to take a selfie that resulted in pulled hair, a busted eye, a ripped Comme Des Garçons shirt and sweater, a busted Dolce and Gabbana phone, the cops being called and a Gap leather blazer that ended up being donated to the Salvation Army! You won’t want to miss this story! Social Activist Marcia Dyson chimes in on the Cardi and Nicki beef and the tragic case of Botham Shem Jean. All of that and a New York Fashion Week recap by Fashion Bomb Daily’s Claire Sulmers!