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Fall Fashion Forecast: Office Edition

This fall the forecast is predicting highs of 75 degrees & satin blouses and lows of 45 degrees & printed Chelsea boots.

When it comes to fall fashion there’s always the big question, “What am I going to wear?” This is mainly due to the fact that you’ve been wearing sundresses, sandals and whichever style of trending pants for the past few months. But now, it’s not cold enough to throw out your summer wardrobe but it’s also not hot enough to leave your warmer pieces sitting in the back of your closet anymore. SO, here we are – the in-between.

The only thing left is to create the perfect mix!

For a workplace appropriate fall statement, try mixing those cargo/utility pants you’ve been rocking from Instagram all summer with a soft blouse to keep your professional touch.

If that’s not really your vibe, you can grab a pair of high-waisted pants (printed if you’d like) and add a color color top, and a fun blazer. Better yet, try a matching set and a basic top to contrast. Throw on your heels and get your workday started!

This way you’ll keep the carefree vibe of summer and also make the professional statement that a working woman must in any industry.

Don’t forget to add your own personal flair to your ensemble. There’s no reason to wear anything if you don’t feel like yourself wearing it.

Pants aren’t the only outlet for creativity in office wear. Dresses and skirts can be amped up too!

This season is for light layering up and bold aesthetics. Long skirts are in and they are going to take over offices across the country this season. Feel free to pair a printed midi-skirt with a plain shirt and add a blazer for a business casual touch.

But don’t limit yourself to the bold patterns of the summer. This year is about moving forward and reinventing. Take a moment and put together a simple set and add a statement accessory that screams YOU!

When it comes to office wear, it is imperative to keep it classy, professional, but always personal. Never sacrifice your sense of style for a setting, but let it be known that you came to WORK!