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Fashion for a Night on the Town

One of life’s great pleasures is a night out with good company.  Whoever you are and whatever you do, we all have that group of friends where we can cut loose, relax and be ourselves.  That does not mean we shouldn’t dress the part though.

Each member of a friend circle is individual and so is their style, so Paul Wharton has put together some of his favorite outfit ideas for each character to suit you on a night on the town with your besties.

  1. The Life of the Party

You are the extrovert and the energy that often drives the night.  Fluttering between different people, laughing and engaged, you thrive on being with others and your choices can be bold.

Your confidence means you can carry things a little risqué, that does not necessarily mean showing lots of skin so no problem if you’re not into short skirts or shirts unbuttoned to the navel.

Colors and combinations will suit you.  Do not be afraid to stand out, because your personality will anyway.

Ladies can try a fitted dress or blouse/skirt combo with a strong pattern and color.  Normally you would balance that with lighter accessories but this is a night out with your friends, go big.  A chunky necklace or earrings can set it off.  Don’t forget the shoes, play with a color or even a pattern.

The men can twist the classics with colored denim or pants, try white jeans or burgundy/mustard pants if you want blocks, or find something in a shiny material or patterned.  Pair with a patterned shirt and a chunky watch.

  1. The Wallflower

You’re not shy, you just don’t need to be involved in every conversation.  Out with your close friends you can be relaxed enough to join in or sit things out as you see fit.

Being comfortable is most important, comfort equals confidence.  Try the oversized trend. 

Dresses that are cut straight and drape look stunning and are very comfortable.  Make sure it hangs nicely on your body, it should not drown your figure in material.  If you prefer denim, consider the boyfriend jean, a relaxed fit and you can roll up the ankles to show off a great pair of boots or heels.

For the men, a boot cut jean paired with Chelsea boots and a fitted shirt creates a masculine silhouette or try pleated pants for an alternative feel.

  1. The Cool Conservative

Your politics may be radical, but you prefer to stick to the classics in your clothing and enjoy nothing more than witty and interesting conversation on big topics.  This doesn’t mean you are boring, just grown up.

Keep it smart and sleek, monochrome looks are always cool.  Stick with the blacks, whites and greys that are timeless.  But why not try blues.  Pair up slightly different shades, patterns and textures throughout the outfit but all the same color.  Do not go too matchy.

Women can try a pair of smart leggings, a loose top and some pumps in suede or leather, mixing up the cuts and materials.

Men can step away from denim, try flat front pants tapered at the leg with a light sweater, or even grab a plain t-shirt and combine it with a buttoned cardigan.  Pick a watch that contrasts with the main color choice.