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Your February Horoscope ♥︎




Your social life is poppin’ and you’re looking fire thanks to Venus, planet of love & beauty, hanging out in your sign. But things will get chill on February 18th when moody Pisces season starts, making you feel kind of invisible (hello, is anyone paying attention???). Don’t sweat it though. All eyes are still on you.




Your crew in a weird place? The fix: GET OUT OF TOWN! Mars in Capricorn, starting February 16th, sets you up for a six-week window of opportunity to leave town and escape the crazies! Just double-check, uh, everything so that Mercury Retrograde doesn’t mess with your plans!




Good news. Bad news. Good news. Gem, you’re getting a big fat bonus direct-deposited to you — but don’t splurge it all. Surprise bills are going to bite your assets this month! You need to do some extra couponing to keep up, until another financial win hits at the end of the month.




I know you’re not a fan of surprises, but, well, too bad: Your job is wildin’ out on you in ways you didn’t expect. Hang your soft pants up and cancel your standing Seamless order. You might need to travel for work. At least your current crush will be in your DMs welcoming you home!




The first half of the month is amazing for your love life, so live it up! Then *record snatch* Pisces season starts on the 18th, putting you rock-bottom deep in your feels. Try to keep moody behavior to a minimum, though, especially at the office. Now that’s the worst time for your claws to come out.




You’re hooking up with all the first dates your Google Calendar can handle, but Mercury Retrograde… makes it hard for any of them to stay around long. It’s okay. Once you find someone you click with (as in someone who likes organizing as much as you do), it’ll be the start of something major.




Listen, you’re drowning in work, but love could soon be landing on your to-do list. Venus entering Aries on February 7th (*gasp*…TODAY) is lighting up your dating schedule. And you’re definitely getting puh-lenty of action… maybe from your sexy co-worker?!

Reminder: Your office probably has security cameras.




Once Pisces season starts in mid-February, those cranky, introverted vibes you’ve been struggling with go *poof* and your love life starts thriving. Buuuut, Mercury Retrograde also shows up on February 16th, so don’t expect to find the love of your life. Flings are just fine for right now, lol




You want nothing more than to get out of the house right now, but this Pisces energy is keeping you locked inside — with drama from your friends and fam. Breathe. When things get rough, we’re here to swoop in and save the day. If any sign can survive this, it’s you.




Life is about to get hectic. First up, an electrifying hookup that will jolt your love life around February 12. Casual. The rest of the month, you’re busy 24/7, but Mercury Retrograde isn’t making it easy. Luckily, Mars enters your sign on February 16th, even giving you the energy to keep going.




Wanna get rid of all the Pisces-season moodiness killing your vibe? Buy lunch for your boo or surprise your squad with their fave Starbucks orders, even if it’s your birthday (totally kidding). Venus entering Aries on February 7th = new friends and more cuties sliding into your DMs, so you’re thriving.




HBD, babes! Your love life, social life, and self-esteem are all glowing up. Nothing can get you down — not even Mercury Retrograde in your sign. A big bonus this month is, well, a literal bonus. Venus in Aries on February 7th promises to give your cash flow a big glow-up too.