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Men’s Style Essentials – Part 1: The Fit

The word ‘essential’ may seem excessive.  It is ‘essential’ to ingest food, breathe oxygen, or have an Amazon Prime account.  But in the context of the Fashion section of this blog, there are some things that are truly essential and that’s what this series will focus on.

Nothing is more essential than how your clothes fit. This may seem obvious, but it is a simple lesson missed by many of us.

We will cover specifics of fitting for particular clothes/body types etc in later entries.  But here are 5 guidelines to ensure your outfits make you look great, whatever your frame or size.

  • Price is NO Guarantee
    We’ve all done it, perhaps it was the fancy designer label, or they were an exclusive limited run, or perhaps the material was woven by blind monks in the foothills of Italy and the finest ever created.  Whatever the reason – we’ve all dropped cash on expensive clothes that sit in our closet because we don’t look good in them. Price is never more important than fit.  Poorly fitted clothes will look rubbish, no matter the cost.
  • Ignore Your Ego
    You’re a 32-inch waist, but those amazing new jeans are so tight the zipper is about to split.  So naturally, you buy them anyway then keep them in the closet hoping the laws of physics will cease to apply and one day they will fit like your other pairs. Your waist may be 32 inches, but the cut of clothing impacts more than just the waist and different shops interpret that waist size differently.  Same applies if you have a slimmer frame, are tall or short. Don’t feel bad, take the correct size for you and be comfortable. Extra note – if clothes in a store don’t fit you well, that doesn’t mean your body size or shape is wrong.  Just that the store doesn’t have what you need.  Try another place instead; make a note of which shops suit you best.

  • Being Able to Do It Up Is Not Enough
    For too many of us, the definition of ‘fitting’ simply means we can do up the buttons and the material won’t rip when we sit down.  Simply being able to get into clothing does not mean it fits properly. We will break this down in more detail in later entries.  But for now, the clothes should frame your body in the way you want.  Be particular and picky about it, don’t simply rejoice that you’ve found something you can get into and rush to pay.
  • Comfort and Style Are Not Enemies
    There is seemingly a school of thought that the baggier an outfit, the more comfortable it must be.  Not true.  Granted a pair of joggers may be less constricting than raw denim, but so long as you have space to move your limbs comfortably and can breathe without popping buttons then the extra comfort from a looser fit is minimal. Unless you are going for an over-sized or skinny style (more advanced looks), just aim for clothes to make contact with your body in a way that is flattering and gives you freedom of movement.  Don’t assume that baggier is better, you can be just as comfortable in fitted clothes.
  • Love Thy Tailor


We get it, you don’t live in a mansion with a valet named Jeeves so you don’t have your own tailor.                Neither do we.  But that’s no excuse not to get alterations.  Dry cleaning and laundries often have tailors available and many stores will do alterations. Your body is unique so you are unlikely to find the perfect item at a store manufacturing clothes for thousands of different people.  Small changes make a huge difference and suits, jeans, jackets, and shirts can all be done.  Trousers trailing at the heel and jackets with sleeves reaching your thumbs can be fixed affordably and easily.  This will elevate your entire look and make you feel more confident.

Remember, these are just guidelines but consider your existing wardrobe and maybe it’s time to give away those ill-fitting items and try shopping with these notes in mind.

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