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Beauty Word of the Day: Glucosamine

Achieving your best beauty look is a delicate combination of products and self-care habits. It’s important to remember that as the seasons – and your activities – change, so should your routine. Environment factors play a major role in what your skin needs and how it responds to products. And, sometimes, you just need a reset. So, don’t yet set your beauty routine in stone, because here comes a new magic ingredient to add to your “slay” arsenal. And this one really works.

To maintain his famous glow, Paul Wharton regularly receives the deluxe Hydra facial from his beauty guru Zeineb at Bitar Cosmetic Institute. The PWS team took a field trip to really get the scoop on how she keeps his skin looking so amazingly “glowy”. The Hydrafacial process begins with a relaxing and thorough facial wash followed by exfoliation, acid infusion, extraction and topped off with antioxidant boost and light therapy.

Previously, estheticians used steaming to open the pores, which only allows a narrow five-minute window for extractions. Any longer and you will traumatize the tissue. Instead, Zeineb deposits glucosamine into the skin which softens all of the follicles and tissues to allow exfoliation of the dead skin cells, without having to traumatize the skin. Glucosamine glides on the skin and creates more of a lipid feel to the touch and it is very gentle.

Glucosamine (glue-coh-suh-meen) is an amino sugar that is naturally found in the body. According to a study published in 2006 by Donald L Bissett Ph.D. of Proctor & Gamble, glucosamine as several long term beneficial effects on the skin cells:

Glucosamine has been shown to accelerate wound healing, improve skin hydration, and decrease wrinkles. In addition, it is useful in the treatment of disorders of hyperpigmentation.

So is glucosamine the secret to the glow? Zeineb says the Hydrafacial offers multiple steps to achieve that radiance. It’s because the skin is cleansed, infused with wonderful antioxidants and derma builders (growth factors), and the light therapy stimulates great blood flow, giving an instant glow to the skin.

As the seasons change, now is the perfect time to consider a reset and revitalization of your skin that will really get you glowing for springtime festivities.

To learn more about more about HydraFacial, visit bitarinstitute.com.

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