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Paul’s One-on-One with HBO’s Comedy Star Amanda Seales

If you’ve been keeping up with the Paulitics podcast series, you should know exactly who was in town, spending the day at The Line DC Hotel with us. She even brought her stage show, “Smart, Funny & Black” to DC’s Lincoln Theatre. The show invites your favorite funny folks to the “Hall of Flava,” to compete, in a head to head battle of wits that tests their knowledge of black history, black culture, and the black experience.

On Episode 9, The Paulitics of Not Being Insecure, Paul featured the creator, innovator, the actress, producer, comedian, all around it-girl, that keeps us glued to the screen as Tiffany on HBO’s show Insecure. You may have even heard of her new HBO Original Special, ‘I Be Knowin‘ that is airing this Saturday, January 26 @ 10 pm. It is available on HBO GO AND HBO NOW.

Her name is Amanda Seales!

Paul interviewed Amanda, and she spoke about her life experiences, that include scheduling meetings in LA, and how her career popped off in less than five years.

All of our viewers were interested in how Paul and his friends know where and what they want to be when they “grow up.” In the interview, Amanda gives us some insight on when to grow up and how she knew it was time for change in her life. Here’s a sneak from the podcast:

Paul: What were some of the things happening, that told you “You know what Amanda, it’s time to make the leap and go for yours?”

Amanda: As an adult, I think it was just time to become a grown-up. I think adulting is kind of like, okay I’m a certain age, I have certain responsibilities, I handle those responsibilities, but growing up is like more-so living in a purpose and having an intention-based life, and also like facing yourself. And sometimes I think for a lot of people, that happens more so in a very common way, with like starting a family, right? And having kids, and you kind of have to deal with things in a much bigger way. Especially, when you have another person, who you are shaping and molding, and being responsible for. But for a lot of us, when you don’t have kids, you can stay in a very arrested place, for a long time. And I reached a point in NY, where I’m like what am I really doing? I’ve been kind of living the same existence for the past 10 years, and I didn’t necessarily feel like I was making head way in a specific direction. 

Paul: Did you feel like marriage and the kids were gonna be your path at one point?

Amanda: NO! I knew that it wasn’t. So I knew if that’s not gonna be it, what am I doing to actualize these things for myself? And I feel like sometimes, well for a lot of times, you’ve got to change location. You’ve gotta pop your bubble, and go somewhere else. And that is so hard for soooo many of us. Just doing that simple thing can be daunting, and a lot of times though, it’s that one thing that allows you to see yourself in a way, to see life in a new way, and to pursue things with a clear, fresher perspective, that can get you so much further, in such a short amount of time.

Paul: Absolutely…

Amanda: And so that’s what happened.., and when I moved to LA, I mean my life changed almost immediately…

As the conversation carries, Paul & Amanda continue to share stories of their travels and the projects they have been working on over the years. Finding peers with the same interests, and how allowing them to create with you has been a plus for the two.

Amanda: I was also showing up with, “Oh I have my own thing that I’m doing!” It changes your value. You know… and then with peers, I’m landing and I’m like, I’m doing this project, this web series, and I’d love to have you come in. It allowed me a very quick way to get established amongst the young, black folks in Hollywood. And here we are, three years later. Glad to be on another Season, FOUR!

Paul: Dooooing it! Doing it!

Paul expresses to Amanda why he feels so connected to her story, as one of his first projects back in 2003, was to help develop and produce the MTV series, “MADE.” Paul placed himself with a new TV network every year, until a few years later… it got quiet and he wasn’t getting the amount of calls he was used to. Paul mentioned how he felt like he wasn’t doing ALL that he could to maintain the career and lifestyle he became familiar with, therefore he needed to make an obvious change. He moved!

Not only were Amanda & Paul both shocked with the outcomes, they have continued to pursue what they love — HELPING OTHERS, whether that includes life lessons, lifestyle changes, style advice, or just straight up seeking and sharing knowledge.

Paulitics, the podcast is launching it’s new season in February and Amanda has a show airing tomorrow, January 26th at 10pm. Check back here for the live link!

In the meantime, go listen to the rest of this Paulitics episode for more juicy insight on Spotify, iTunes, or Full Service Radio.