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Emmy-Nominated “Home for the Holidays” with Patti LaBelle

Home For The Holidays with Paul Wharton and Special Guest Patti LaBelle is an Emmy-nominated, once-in-a-lifetime gem that reunites host Paul Wharton with his childhood idol Patti LaBelle in her home for an intimate interview 27 years after their first meeting at her concert at DAR Constitution Hall in Washington, DC, when Paul was 13 years old. Paul and Patti talk about her favorite holiday traditions and love for her granddaughters. They reminisce, sing some of her hit songs and talk about the Patti Pie phenomenon that had people going crazy for her sweet potato pies at Walmarts all across the country.

Patti goes deeper into her family’s mystical connection to sweet potatoes and shares some very personal stories about her bond with her son Zuri and regrets about not being there for her beloved sister Jackie before her passing. In the end, Patti says that she loves Paul and that he’s so nice, she would do his show twice just before they have a singing and dancing good time to Michael Jackson’s “Bad” and a touching send off to Patti’s classic holiday song “‘Twas Love”! This show is a rare look into the home and heart of one of America’s living legends.