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The Secrets to Looking Hydrated

One of the main reasons we use concealer around the eyes is to cover our dark circles.

To try and reduce those circles, use a product that has Vitamin K, Retinol, or Kinetin. They contain coagulation ingredients that help strengthen blood vessel walls, so veins become less visible. The skin under your eyes are thinner than other areas, so the red and blue blood vessels tend to show through more readily.

First, apply a quality eye cream or a rich moisturizer, since that area under your eyes lacks oil glands. Your concealer will be much easier to apply.

Use a loose translucent powder to set your concealer, versus a pressed powder that is likely to sink into the fine lines and accentuate the problem areas.

But, if you keep yourself well-hydrated (I mean water.. cocktails don’t count, I’m afraid), it can reduce the existence of those circles in the first place. In addition to our suggestions below, I also love getting HydraFacial brand facials with Z at The Bitar Cosmetic Institute in Fairfax, VA once a month for an added youthful glow.

In terms of what you can do at home, here are a couple cool tips that help me when I find under the eyes a little darker than normal. Don’t worry, it’s natural.


Tea bags are an oldie but a goodie.

Take a couple of recently used cold teabags (they don’t have to be chilled but it does help, so as long as they’re moist), close your eyes and place them under your eyes first thing in the morning for at least a few minutes (15 mins if possible)

Cold compresses may also help with dark circles as they do with puffy eyes. They will help to temporarily shrink the blood vessels causing the darkness.


Cucumber has been around since the dawn of beauty regimes but I’m including it because recently, several of my clients have been questioning whether it’s an old wives’ tale.

Well it ain’t—cucumber slices first thing in the morning on each eye really do help reduce dark circles.
Try to keep them on for at least 15 minutes. If you want to take a modern approach, use a de-puffing gel to drain excess water from lids each morning.

For a puffy face, try taking an aspirin. Aspirin has anti-inflammatory ingredients that will help to calm down a puffy face.


All my people know this is my favorite past time. Sleep is like a magical thing that can fix all manner of problems. It will improve your eyes—if you can get your head down just an hour earlier each night, you will see the benefits in your eyes.

Lasers may be an option for very severe and constant dark circles.

Excerpt from the book ‘Pulling It All Together’ by Paul Wharton – available on Amazon.


  1. Getting my tea bags cucumbers now! Amazing suggestions!

  2. We love that Kristy! It actually works!! Keep us posted on how everything goes. We’re also releasing a new Paul Wharton advanced under eye cream for puffiness and dark circles in April. Check it out!

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