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The Importance of Taking Breaks

It’s sooooo easy for us to get caught up in work schedules, college courses, wife + mom responsibilities, etc.

To sum it all up, LIFE.

Just as much as we don’t want to miss a day of work, class or even wake up early to make the kid’s lunch, we must retrain our minds and bodies to take a break. Breaking doesn’t mean we’re giving up, or that we have failed at something. It simply means we need time to recharge, to think clearly, to make better decisions for ourselves and those around us.

Studies show that “microbreaks” (breaks between 30 seconds to 5 minutes) improves mental acuity by an average of 13%. And when you’re staring at a computer for hours at a time, taking 15-second breaks every 10 minutes reduces fatigue by 50%.

When taking a break, here’s what to expect:

  1. Destress.
  2. Reset your perspective.
  3. Take a step back to evaluate.
  4. Get a handle on your emotions.
  5. Relax.
  6. Rest.

Schedule a full body massage or just lay in bed for a day. You deserve it!