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Mahogany Books Signing


Attention Black People and our Allies in the DMV! If you’re in the market for the best books to give as gifts this holiday season, please go first to @mahoganybooks on Good Hope Road in SE.

This is a black-owned bookstore that is rooted in positivity and community, it’s a place to have meaningful conversations and connect with others that you’ll want to stay in touch with for years to come. @soarwithramunda what you and your family have created is such a blessing for #DC. I was joined with Antoinette Love on stage! I hosted her cooking segment! We baked her delicious homemade twist on the typical Thanksgiving Pumpkin pie! I loved sharing the stage with her and learning about her heartwarming journey in becoming a top pastry chef and a celebrity chef!

Thank you to Mahogany Books for hosting my book signing! It was more than just a signing, it was an event that filled me with joy! So, people, you say you want to support #blackbusiness this season, here’s your chance! You can also order online www.mahoganybooks.com.

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