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Maintaining the Mane of Man’s Best Friend: Barkley Square Pets

I adopted my dog Oscar 8 years ago from The Washington Humane Society. I initially named my little puppy Halston. As the weeks went by I couldn’t deny the fact that the name seemed a little delicate for my frisky pup. My friend Erika Gutierrez came to my loft where I was living at the time in Capital Hill and said “OMG, he is so cute but he really doesn’t look like a Halston… He looks like an Oscar”! And I replied, “Well that shall be his name! Oscar De La Renta Halston Wharton” LOL

Oscar was one of those pups that loved to roll around in the mud in Lincoln Park and get down and seriously dirty with the other dogs at the dog park. It was a bit of a struggle in the early days keeping my home clean and my white furniture white. I met the people at Barkley Square Pets early on and realized the importance of having a good groomer. Oscar has gotten used to their Doggy Taxi service and even at least a few times a year, I have the Mobile Spaaaah come out and give Oscar a bath right at my front door step downtown. They are awesome, definitely part of Oscar’s little village that keeps him happy, healthy and smelling good for Dad!

Check them out at www.barkleysquarepets.com and ask for Kristina! You’ll thank me later and so will your four legged friend!