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5 Ways to Innovate Your Office Workflow

If you’re like me, maybe you’ve been hunkered down with eyes glazed over reports, budgets, and tax forms more often than you’d like for the past few weeks. Maybe your holiday social calendar still leaves a merry reminder on your waistline that you didn’t quite tackle in “new you” January.  Maybe winter weather inspired more “meh” than “yay” and you are ready to focus on anything more exciting than yet another report. Well, the good news is, we are over the winter hump! With the renewing energy of spring, it’s time to take action! 

Whether you’re an entrepreneur in a home office or an executive in a corner office, the vibe surrounding your desk can make or break your performance and innovation. Don’t kill the vibe. Create a work environment to keep the momentum going and inspire fresh ideas all year long. 

The workspace gurus at Metro Offices create magnificent hubs of productivity throughout the city. The Dupont Circle location is home to Paul Wharton Style and many other companies and entrepreneurs. Here’s some pointers to create an office that maximizes your #workflow – just in case you haven’t found your dream office at Metro Offices yet, because they would do it all for you. 

  1. Let the light shine – and watch the creativity flow. CPU brightness doesn’t count. Natural sunlight has a rejuvenating quality and uplifting affect on the mood.
  2. Brainstorm – When it’s time to rally the team and make a plan, the spacious and gorgeous conference room at the heart of Metro Offices DuPont Circle is equipped with floor to ceiling windows, dry erase board and projector to bring both your digital and digital thoughts to fruition.
  3. Take a breather – Yeah, you’re an entrepreneur or executive, and wear many hats along with your cape (queue song #IDGT). Every superhero needs a moment of rest. Metro Office has private rooms to check in with a loved one (or yourself) when you need a break. The building also features a full gym if you prefer a boost.
  4. Eat – How many times do you work so hard you forget to eat? (Too many times). Having a lovely designated area away from your desk will help you stay fueled. Metro Office’s Dupont Circle kitchen area is equipped with power outlets and news outlets so you don’t have to completely ditch your workaholic tendencies.
  5. Most of all, be inspired – Remember your “why”. Staying aligned with your personal and organizational values will keep your fire burning. Display awards and mementos of people or places that inspire you. Click here to read the story of how Paul Wharton made his Metro Office space a home away from home.

Aidah Fontenot is an #artpreneur, #creativevisionary, and Managing Director of Paul Wharton Style. Check out aidah.com and follow @artsyaidah on IG.

Find your work home at Metro Offices! Visit https://www.metroffice.com.


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  1. This place is like a We Work? It looks really good. I’m looking for a part time office or small permanent office. I’ll give them a call. I better be getting a special rate Mr. Paul!!!!

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