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Episode 13 | The Paulitics of Plastic Surgery with Dr. George Bitar

On this Episode of Paulitics, Paul and Stacey welcome special guest Dr. George Bitar to the studio to discuss the stigma of plastic surgery. Paul asks Dri. Bitar your burning questions about plastic surgery and Dr. Bitar shares his thoughts on the new wave of non-surgical practices and all of the non-surgical options his practice offers, as well as his advice and expertise on butt lifts. He introduces us to EmSculpt, a non-surgical way to gain muscle mass in the abdomen and burn fat in only 20 minutes?! We are all fired up about the Bitar Institutes practices! And you should be too! We’ve got laughter, celebrity booties, and advice for going ‘under the knife’! You don’t want to miss this!

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