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Episode 5 | The Paulitics of Telling The Truth About Sex and Relationships

On this episode of Paulitics, Paul and Stacey share their reactions to Dr. Christine Blasey Ford and Brett Kavanaugh’s testimonies during their senate hearings. The subject of sexual assault leads Paul to share a very personal story of his own about being sexually assaulted. Stacey tells Paul about Chrissy Teigen admitting that she and John Legend had sex on the first date which leads Paul and Stacey to share their opinions on the subject and let’s just say one is totally down for it! As the co-hosts go deeper into relationship chat, Paul shares details of the accident that caused his former partner Michael to go into a coma and subsequently lose his ability to walk and talk. This episode is has it all, drama, laughter, tears and sex talk. We’re having a sharing moment and you’re invited to the conversation!

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