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Don’t be Fooled by the Photoshop!

Unless you’ve been stranded on a desert island with no internet or cable then you will have seen the fashion magazines and television programs showcasing the models and starlets with flawless skin, impeccable grooming, hair and makeup and incredibly fabulous outfits with perfectly coordinated shoes and jewelry. We are bombarded with these images of perfection every day.

Most people don’t realize that huge teams of professional hair stylists, makeup artists and wardrobe stylists prepare these celebrities for their walk down the red carpet. The models in the fashion magazines also have teams of professionals preparing them for the camera, and let’s not forget the special lighting and best of all: the process of photoshopping, which can remove any imperfections and even the additional weight on thighs and hips. Tyra Banks once said on her show America’s Next Top Model, that in the later part of her career as a supermodel she really didn’t have to worry nearly as much about what she was eating, since a few extra pounds can merely be photoshopped away.

These models and celebrities don’t wake up in the morning looking as flawless and fabulous as they do in those magazine spreads.

They look in the mirror and see imperfections and blemishes, just like you and me. So, how can you look like them every day? Well, the answer is, you can’t – because as I explained, they don’t look like that every day either. But what you can do is create the very best version of yourself.

You see, you are already perfect and incredible and I want you to truly believe that.

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Excerpt from ‘Pulling It All Together’ by Paul Wharton available on Amazon.