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Signed Copy of Pulling it All Together by Paul Wharton


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Everyone looks in the mirror and sees imperfections, even models and celebrities. But you don’t need to spend money on expensive skin treatments and spa visits. In Pulling It All Together, Paul Wharton shares the secrets of styling teams and the tricks photographers use to turn everyday women into supermodels. Wharton offers shopping, grooming, and lifestyle tips that will have you feeling drop-dead gorgeous and ready to take on the extraordinary adventures and all the good things life has in store. In the book you’ll find advice on:

  • Fashion: dressing slimmer, how to accessorize, and, of course, shoes
  • Skin care: exfoliation, masks, and more
  • Makeup: foundation, mascara, and everything in between When you take the time to pull your look together, it frees up your mind to think more clearly and focus on what’s in front of you. An expert in front of and behind the camera, fashion and beauty consultant, lifestyle expert, and an entrepreneur with skin and hair care lines, Wharton is pivotally positioned to share keen insight and wisdom to make the world more beautiful one person at a time.