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Keeping Your Yard Succulent, All Summer ’19

We are all trying to prepare for our family cookouts and birthday parties this summer, but finding the perfect plant to brighten your yard been a hassle as of late. Or… maybe gardening and potting flowers just isn’t your thing. We’ve added some of the hottest flowers around this summer. They are totally affordable pieces and they are here to spruce up your house on the outside. Check them out below and let us know what you think!

This flower is well-known to keep the destructive insects and wild rabbits away from your flower beds. Although they come in different colors, yellow and orange are most common. Marigolds can be grown easily.
– Plant your seeds in half-sunny or sunny locations.
– The soil must be well-drained, moist and fertile.
– Pinch off the first flowers before they open. This will lead to a larger number of flowers.

Geraniums are popular plantings across the South. They add fragrant foliage and bright blooms wherever they’re planted, whether that’s in backyard gardens or in pots, planters, and containers.

“High summer heat can take its toll on these plants. Many common geraniums stop blooming in sizzling weather, a condition known as ‘heat check.’ (They’ll resume blooming when cooler weather arrives.)”

Super easy to grow sunflowers are a popular choice for many gardeners. They stand up to summertime heat well and depending on the variety can bloom in as little as 53 days.

While many people only really get into gardening in the early summer continuing your garden throughout the year is an easy way to get more enjoyment and time out of it.