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Surround Yourself with Beauty During Times of Uncertainty

Hello beautiful people! In the midst of all the world chaos, we thought it’d be important to spruce up your home. We know how hard it can be practicing social isolation when you are so used to being on GO, like Paul! Below you’ll find some tips and tricks to help elongate the life of your flowers.

  1. Use a clean vase
    Make sure you dry out the vase with a lent free cloth or paper towel. Leaving your vase to air dry will allow the bacteria from your previous flower life to multiply, reducing the life of your flowers
  2. Re-cut the stems under water
    Flowers should be placed in lukewarm water, not cold. Cutting your stems under water will reduce the amount of air in the stem (typically how flowers dry out before their time). Also, remember to cut the stem at an angle
  3. Strip off all leaves below the water level
    If leaves are left below the water line, they tend to breakdown and decay, reducing the life and crispness of your flowers
  4. Add a floral preservative to the water
    No preservatives? Don’t fret. Aspirin or mouthwash will work just as good, I’m so serious! Aspirin prevents bacterial growth, and mouthwash serves as a bacterial agent but also provides sugar that your flowers can use for food
  5. Avoid direct sunlight, heat and drafts
    Flowers have high rates of respiration, making them one of the most perishable of all agricultural crops. When they are exposed to heat, they respire at a greater rate. The cooler the space, the longer they will last
  6. Keep the bouquet away from ripening fruit
    Ethylene gas is perhaps one of the biggest enemies of cut flowers, and that is whats given off by ripening fruit. It speeds up the dying process of many flowers. Remove fading flowers too! It has the same effect
  7. Be sure to change the water daily
    Dirty water provides a perfect breeding ground for microscopic bacteria. These bacteria attach themselves to the stem ends and block the flow of water up to the flower heads. Changes the vase water with lukewarm water

PRO-TIP:  Combining flower types can shorten the life of each 

Paul’s current flower bundle from Lee’s Flower Shop in D.C.

If you happen to not have any flowers in your space, no worries! Lee’s Flower Shop, located in Washington, D.C., will get you right! Give them a call today and tell them Paul sent you!

Much love. Stay safe.