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Truly Unforgettable ways to Pop The Big Question

Paul Wharton and Sarah Fraser of The Hey Frase with Paul Wharton Podcast pictured here with Jonathan Mervis of Mervis Diamonds in Tysons Corner, VA.

Every time I look up these days, another one of my friends is getting engaged. The proposals seems to be getting more unique and elaborate and so for those of you out there that have no idea how to pop the big question, I decided to put together a few ideas that should get you the YES you’re looking for!

Trivia marriage proposal— Plan a game night alone with your partner or with friends. When it’s your partner’s turn to answer a question, head over to where they’re sitting and say “Your question is: Will you marry me?” Definitely make an actual trivia card so that you have the proposal memory to hold onto.

Scavenger hunt proposal— Think of a few places that are meaningful to your relationship and send your partner (and two to three friends or family members) to visit these places. Throw in a salon appointment (hair and nails), and perhaps even a stop at a boutique to pick out a new outfit. Along the way, have notes or cards (or even a voice recording of yourself) describing what each place or stop signifies. At the end of the scavenger hunt, propose with a romantic view in the background and have all the friends and family members involved in planning the day there to celebrate after. And you’ll want to have a secret photographer following every move!

Make a day of it— The best way to achieve pulling off a surprise proposal is to throw your partner off being suspicious. Most couples really enjoy their weekends together. So go about your business as usual, go to lunch, take a nice walk, do a little shopping, all with the intention of ending up at a special spot that will forever go down in your history book as the place where decided to commit your lives to each other. In my opinion, having friends and family around always makes the process a little sweeter. Having a casual stroll and bonding throughout a day will also help to calm the jitters associated with proposing marriage. I asked ring expert Jonathan Mervis of Mervis Diamond about making an engagement special, “I’ve heard so many incredible stories over the years it’s hard to pick favorites. I think the first step is find something meaningful to the two of you. Whether it’s a place or an activity or something you’ve always joked about. And then let your dreams go wild from there. Use that as your starting point and just go all out!!!” Mervis says.

Whether it’s a simple ask or over the top production, make sure it’s heartfelt. It’s fun to have a great story to tell your friends about your engagement but it really is all about the love in the end.

Best of luck lovebirds!

Paul xx




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