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Waxing The City with Paul & Sarah just in time for Summer

I’m so happy here because I had no pain… Where did I get waxed you ask?! A good guy doesn’t blab!

There are certain personal maintenance activities that we all dread. They either take too long, they are too expensive or worst of all, they hurt! Well, I’m here to tell you there’s a new way to wax and to our amazement, there is hardly any pain at all. Waxing The City, the hip new way to go hairless, has made it’s way to Alexandria, VA. and Sarah and I took the HeyFrase/HeyPaul Podcast crew to the store and hosted a fabulous waxing event with some of our favorite friends and podcast fans. Everyone was in such a good mood (The Margaritas could’ve had something to do with it) and all of the women that got waxed were amazed by the fact that there was little to no pain!

Friends and Fans of The HeyFrase/HeyPaul Podcast with Sarah and I at Waxing The City Alexandria

I wasn’t convinced that this was the case so I decided to take a closer look and a closer look is exactly what I got. Sarah got all taken off live on Facebook without so much as a yelp for help! She literally did not flinch the entire process. Apparently Waxing The City’s proprietary wax formula doesn’t stick to the skin, it only attaches to the hair which makes it virtually painless… Phenomenal!

To get yourself summer ready without the pain, call my friends at Waxing The City 703-548-8888 and tell them Paul sent you! They are located at 2727 Mount Vernon Avenue in Alexandria. You won’t be disappointed!

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