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Why You Should Use Men’s Deodorant Instead…

Of course “men’s” and “women’s” imply that a product is marketed towards a specific gender, however, I will explain the advantages of a woman using a men’s deodorant.

Do not confuse my switch in deodorant with antiperspirant. Often times we mix them up. Deodorant is used to cover up the scent of body odor and sweat, while an antiperspirant is used to prevents your armpits from sweating, eliminating odor completely.

Antiperspirants contain one significant ingredient that turns many people away — aluminum. Many people believe that the aluminum in antiperspirants causes breast cancer and Alzheimer’s disease. Scientists have not found this to be true, however, if you are superstitious like me, then you probably choose to stay on the safer side and eliminate products that have aluminum in them from your daily beauty routine.

Now, why on earth did I decide to trade in my lovely cucumber and green tea scented women’s deodorant, for a chunky Old Spice stick?

After finding my deodorant crumbled at the bottom of my backpack one afternoon I rushed to CVS to grab a new one. I could not find my favorite scent, so my eyes and nose scanned the women’s section hoping to find one that was similar. I gave up and passed by the men’s section. I opened a few and loved the scents. They smelled like they boys in my twelfth grade English class who try too hard to grow beards and seem all grown up.

I found myself cracking open the lids of every Old Spice stick and trying not to rub my nose on the gel. I checked the price.. $3.97… My old deodorant cost $4.88. Then I checked how much was in the container.. 3 oz… My old deodorant only contained 2.6 oz. I stood dumbfounded. How had I been spending almost an entire dollar more for a deodorant, marketed to me that contained far less product than the deodorant marketed to my father? My new Old Spice stick leaves my armpits smelling like the perfume aisle in Nordstrom all day, is clear of white streaks and powder clumps, and it lasts me over 4 months! I vowed to never buy another women’s deodorant.

This is why:

  1. Price: Women’s deodorant costs almost a dollar more than men’s deodorant
  2. Amount of Product: Men’s Deodorant contains more product than women’s deodorant.
  3. Scent: Women’s deodorant has limited scents and most don’t last for more than four hours, increasing the amount you apply on a daily basis, and decreasing how long the stick will last.
  4. Odor Protection: Men’s deodorant has more natural odor protection agents in the ingredients due to it being marketed to sweaty men in need of complete odor coverage. As a woman, you can benefit highly from this as you most likely won’t need to apply very much in order to protect your pits.

I hope you found my life-changing switch to men’s deodorant helpful. I do hope you consider switching, as it will save your armpits, your wallet, and your frequent trip to the feminine care aisle.