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The Virginia Gold Cup: Pale Pink Suits and Mud Don’t Mix

Mary and I all ManGlammed and GalGlammed up and ready to go to Gold Cup

Each year The Virginia Gold Cup in an opportunity for Washingtonians to head south and give Kentucky a run for it’s money, literally! Although the weather forecast was looking less than festive for an outdoor event, I decided to stick with my plan of joining my friends in Warrenton, VA to celebrate this very festive occasion. I invited my friend Mary Barth to go along with me as well as 2 other friends Mikail and Farzana. The day started as it usually does with my “ManGlam” squad fixing me up while I drink my coffee and have a few laughs. Mary joined in on today’s glam so that kicked the laughing part up a notch and got us in the mood for the drive ahead and trek through the rain and mud!

Paul Wharton on Members Hill at The Virginia Gold Cup with Mary, Daphne, Ms. Lambert

The tent was amazing with magnificent food and the best of all, our host had arranged for me to announce the 3 winners of our very own hat contest. The second place winner (my friend Mary) won a spa package at Elizabeth Arden Red Door Salon and the winner, (Fox Atlanta’s Cynne Simpson) won a pair of Christian Louboutin shoes! I didn’t get into betting, I was too busy dodging dripping umbrellas and trying not to land flat on my butt in the mud!

Rainy days always become brighter and more beautiful when Monique Samuels of The Real Houswives of Potomac steps on the Gold Cup scene

A wonderful time was had by all. And the best part was… Wait for it… Carpool Karaoke to one of our favorites, On Silent Wings by Tina Turner and Sting on background! Check out @paulwhartonstyle on IG to see that video! Enjoy!

Paul xx


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