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EPISODE 8 | The Paulitics of Being On The Birthday List

In this episode of Paulitics, Paul has just celebrated his birthday and Stacey wonders why she wasn’t invited to the late night dinner. Upon further discussion, Stacey presses the point that she is never invited to Paul’s evening events! Is Paul Mom-shaming Stacey out of adult play time? Paul’s Mom Brenda is live in studio to shed some light on what a young Paul was like and why she had no idea Paul was gay when he came out at 19. You won’t want to miss that story! Paul’s English business partner joins the live podcast to weigh in with a UK perspective. The group gets into an intriguing discussion about Diddy and Cassie’s break up and raise the question, does a man have the power to “waste” a woman’s “good years”? Everyone has something to say and they don’t hold anything back! Tune in and join the conversation!