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How to Pout! Lip Tips

Here is a failsafe way to apply your lipstick. Follow these steps and you will rarely find it on your teeth (don’t you hate that?). Remember when you touch up or re-apply in the day don’t rush, take an extra two minutes to do it in the mirror somewhere with space (i.e. not in your car while you’re driving down the road). 

  1. MOISTURIZE – apply a little lip balm, or even regular moisturizer in a pinch, don’t coat your lips heavily but just dab a little on in order to soften and protect.
  2. CONCEALER/LINER – some ladies swear by lip concealer and will always apply it next. Remember that you want to make this as easy as possible, the more steps you add the harder it is to stick to the system and you are more likely to rush. So, if lip concealer is your thing then go ahead—but if you’ve never tried it before, then I recommend going straight to the lip liner. Use a liner that works with your lipstick shade (it doesn’t have to be exactly the same, but find one that complements the color). Apply carefully starting from the outside in and following the outline of your lips doing both the top and bottom. Gently fill in the middle so that the liner covers all of your lips. This will hold the lipstick in place.
  3. LIPSTICK – this is actually the simplest part if you prep properly. Start in the middle of each lip and work your way out. Always stay within the lips themselves and your lip liner (otherwise it won’t hold at the edges).
  4. BLOT – take a Kleenex, fold it in half, and place it between your lips. Then press them together on the tissue and open up again. Do not rub or pull at your lips, this blotting will help to take off just a little of the excess and make sure you don’t rub onto your teeth.
  5. CONCEALER – this is your facial concealer, take the product you just applied with your foundation and use a brush to work a small amount around the edge of the lips. Don’t go over onto the lipstick, the idea here is just to define the lips and make sure the edge of the lip liner does not stand out. It is just like blending on other parts of your face.

As for the shade and color—I leave that to you to experiment, but that’s the fun part, so do enjoy it and try some variations.

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Excerpt from Pulling it All Together by Paul Wharton. Available at Amazon.