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Keeping All Skin Types Healthy & Fresh During the Summer

We’re halfway through Summer ’19, and boy… it’s a hot one! A lot of you trying to stay cool by avoiding the sun, but what fun is that? Just because the heat is on 100, does not mean our skin has to be on fire too.

2019 is the year of complete self-care, and that means there are 5-6 months left for us to look after our skin. We all have breakouts, get sunburned (sometimes you cannot tell), and even experience skin discoloration. To us, the most important part is protecting our skin now so that we can reduce the redness, harsh appearance and irregular occurrences. We’ve listed some tips you can try that we found helpful!

You must know what type of skin you have. This may include but are not limited to dry, oily, or combination (both).

Dry skin means that your skin naturally lacks oils, so you have to put in extra effort to find a good SPF moisturizer in order to maintain moisture and promote a healthy glow. 

Oily skin means that your skin overproduces natural oils, giving you a shiny appearance. You are also prone to more breakouts, clogged pores, or small rashes. This doesn’t mean that you should not moisturize- all skin types need moisturizing. Instead of an oil based moisturizer, look for a light water based cream. 

Combination skin means that your skin tends to shift when it is dry and oily depending on your surrounding environments.  Your skin has a mind of it’s own. You are not alone. This is sometimes considered “normal skin,” which is a balance of oily and dry. You may or may not have as many breakouts. 

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Apply products to your skin that work for its sensitivity. There is no need to buy the most expensive brand or the most popular, you need what works for YOU!

Most dermatologists recommend using a sensitive skin moisturizer even if you wouldn’t classify your skin as sensitive. These products tend to be softer, and lighter on your skin, decreasing the oily texture you might experience if you are to use a heavier face cream. 

And last, but most importantly, you MUST ALWAYS use sunscreen. Some of us believe that if we have darker skin tones we don’t need sunscreen but I promise you do to! The sun is a powerful force and it alters our skin even when we don’t feel or see it. Rain or shine, the sun is still at work and without protection, our skin is prematurely aging. Dermatologist recommend using sunscreens with at least 30 SPF to protect our delicate skin.

Before you apply your makeup, just dab a bit of sunscreen on your face.

This summer isn’t coming to play so gear up and get out!