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Introducing the Unintentional Gentleman…and the Most Important Rule

Clothes don’t make the man, but clothes do make the man’s life better.
That’s the mantra of the Unintentional Gentleman.

You have questions. Doesn’t being an ‘unintentional’ gent defeat the purpose? Isn’t that a stupidly long name for a blog? Do the blog’s initials equal “UG” which sounds like he’s been kicked painfully hard in the crotch?

The respective answers are, “no”, “probably”, and “regrettably so”.

Before you return to staring in awe at the latest Instagram model who stands 6ft 3inches with perfect teeth, arms chiseled by Michaelangelo and an 8-pack which makes you feel guilty for eating food and not subsisting on cigarettes and black coffee. Read on and we promise it will all make sense.

This is a lifestyle blog for everyone with a Y chromosome. Everything from style, grooming, travel and even interior design will be covered.

Starting with style, this is for all, from those of us who monitor the latest runway trends to others who find it disappointing that we can’t wear a sports jersey and battered sneakers to dinner. There are fantastic blogs and Instagram accounts out there. But plenty of guys still feel areas like fashion are tedious and even intimidating while others wish to move beyond their mastery of the basics. This is a space to eliminate apprehension and make us all feel as confident as possible.

Fashion should be fun and good for you, if done correctly. You do not need a vast bank account and an 8-pack is not required (good on you if you do –presumably you’re doing crunches as you read).

I assure you that the I possess none of the physical characteristics of the model we described above and a few years ago my wardrobe consisted primarily of ill-fitting and ripped (not in a cool way) jeans and ill-fitting and ripped t-shirts with heavy metal band logos (definitely not in a cool way).

While I may not grace the cover of GQ, it is fair to say that I am now ‘well-dressed’.  A transformation that took a lot of time because I had to piece together knowledge from different websites and blogs.

So we are going to break down all the key information every man needs combined with updates on new trends, the latest styles and input from a few friends who are at the crux of the fashion world. We will tackle grooming, design and travel in a similar way.

Now that introductions are out of the way, let’s highlight the Key Rule (taken from our good friend Mr. Paul Wharton’s wonderful book, ‘Pulling It All Together’) – whatever you wear and whatever you do, wear it and do it with confidence. This applies to everything, whether you’re in a football shirt and jeans, workout gear or a three-piece suit.  If you feel confident, you feel good, and if you feel good, you look good.  Most importantly, those around will feel that good energy and respond to you positively.

For the record, the Unintentional Gentleman is any man who treats everyone with courtesy regardless of gender, job, race or age. We know stylish blokes who act like total bell-ends (we’re British – trust us, being a ‘bell-end’ is a bad thing) and others who barely paid attention to clothes but were always polite and charming.

As for abbreviations, you may refer to us as ‘U Gent’ (slightly better than ‘UG’ at least).


At La Maison de U Gent we love to get mail – please drop us a line at unintentionalgent@outlook.com with any questions, comments or requests.