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Live Your Life on Purpose and Fulfill Your Dream in 2019

When you entered this world, GOD planted a seed in your mind, that seed we call a Dream.  God also gave you the ability to nurture that seed, that we call Imagination, and GOD gave you desire to manifest that seed that we call Passion.

The question becomes have you been utilizing the gifts GOD gave you?  If you are not living with Passion and Purpose the answer in NO!

This is a New Year, a new day and you can start it in a new way!

Here are 4 steps towards living life on purpose and with passion: 

Forgiveness is the cornerstone to Love.  Forgiveness can happen in your heart and mind in an instant!  It is the forgetting that is the human challenge.  Remember, forgiveness is about you, not the person that hurt or angered you, they are just there to teach you the lesson.  The quicker you learn to forgive yourself the easier it will be to forgive others. Ask yourself:

Do I harbor animosity towards anyone living or dead?  Has that circumstance or situation weighed heavy on my heart for days, months, or even years?  If yes, consider releasing yourself and forgiving the situation that is keeping you stuck.  Just think the person that hurt, harmed or angered you has moved on and so should you!

Forgiveness is not about you forgiving them it’s about you forgiving YOU!

Faith is taken with you everyday.  If you have the faith the size of a mustard seed, you have the power to move mountains. Here is an easy way to take Faith with you each and everyday.  You literally have Faith in your hands.

  • Thumbs Up – Give God thanks for waking up this morning and ask Him what He would have you do.
  • Index Finger – Point your way forward towards the goals you wish to accomplish.
  • Middle Finger – Flick away your fear, three times Flick it, Flick it, Flick it away.
  • Ring Finger – engage in something you’ve always wanted to do.
  • Little Finger – Don’t  sweat the small stuff

Gratitude – Stop what you are doing Right Now and say thank you.  Raise your eyes towards the heavens and just say thank you!  Thank you, GOD, for watching over me through the night, thank you for allowing me to stand up on my own two feet and be about this day  It doesn’t matter what is happening in the world what matters is your attitude towards all things in your life.

Today, focus solely on an attitude of gratitude…Give thanks for everything you have right here right now.  The Universe responds to a grateful heart.  You may not have everything you want but by GOD’s grace you have everything you need!

Love – Now is the time to realize that everything you say or do has consequences, the good, the bad, and even the ugly.  GOD IS and always has been, LOVE! GOD does not deviate or withhold His love from you, you do that!  If you are not coming from a place of love, you are coming from a place of fear.

Return to the LOVE of GOD and feel the peace and tranquility that only LOVE can bring.

Today focus on only the love GOD has for you…GOD created you to do great things and GOD don’t make junk!  Stop thinking that GOD is punishing you and that about GOD blessing you.

There are 21 Steps to Living Your Best Life NOW, I have shared four with you to get your 2019 off to a great start and I invite you to go to my website and get the other 17 free.  You can download your free copy at www.drcharlettemanning.com.

Happy New Year and a Happy New YOU!

Dr. Charlette